A Workshop for Modern Mothering 

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The Insta Mommy Workshop at Walnut Grove was a huge hit. I was especially grateful to be there as a pregnant mom expecting my first baby. I felt as though I was watching The Incredibles as I sat through the four talks in addition to bonding with other women over the universal yet incredibly unique experience of motherhood.


Here were my highlights from the four speakers:


If Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy - Melissa Brady

Perhaps it was the funny cat videos that were somehow woven into her talk, but Melissa Brady really kicked off the Incredibles feeling for me as she emphasized that homes should be "a lot of fun" and that women need to get immersed in something that they truly enjoy. A key takeaway for me was the importance of having a commonsensical approach to balanced "me time" in a nonself-centered way while creating a home atmosphere in which the heartbeat is joy, service and love.

Great Expectations - Julia Boles

The nuggets of wisdom in Julia Boles' talk on having great expectations are too many to recount here, but I walked away with the feeling that families need to have rich cultures and traditions based on how the parents set the tone and agenda in the home. When she said, "the most important school your child will ever go to is your dinner table," I thought to myself, there's culture, human formation, and an education on relating to other people right there. Good manners are charity in action. Parents need to be confident (see Piety must be presented as something entirely natural and normal. Live this. Don't be afraid to be demanding of your children. Remember children live up to your expectations, not to your rules. Raise children who are willing to give at their own cost, even though they complain - they will thank you later. Ask yourself, and have your kids ask themselves, "Did I make those around me happy today?" - because the world needs us and our children to be instruments of love.


Motherhood Explained - Blythe Fike

Back to the Incredibles... Blythe Fike's talk had everyone laughing and nodding their heads as they related to the absurd but real anecdotes that are part of family life. She did a great job of explaining why it's so important to continue to date your spouse - namely, your kids are a byproduct of your marital love. Your relationship and marriage came first. Not only does your marriage relationship thrive with this recognition, but so do your kids, because they feel safe and secure knowing that mom and dad's relationship is safe and secure. Let go of "mommy guilt" and go on a date with your husband, even if your house is messy. To quote my dad about the office, "your inbox will not be empty when you die," -- the same applies for housework too! Read more on Blythe at her blog:


The Role of Social Media in Motherhood - Kendra Tierney

My key takeaway from Kendra Tierney's talk was that good old-fashioned family values are compatible with modern communication mechanisms such as social media. While she spoke about the “phone not being your friend”, she also pointed out how she has made worthwhile friendships through her blog and brought her virtual acquaintances into her real, tangible life of relationships. This made me think of a modern twist on the bygone notion of the pen pal. I really liked how she weaved  the notion of community throughout her talk, how women need support systems and that social media can help with this, and the importance of staying intellectually engaged with the times. Read more on Kendra at her blog:

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A Workshop for Modern Mothering 

Saturday, September 17, 2016 9:00 AM - 3:30PM

Workshop Fee: $75.00 (Submitted before September 1st: $65.00)

Limited to 50 participants. Scholarships available. Babysitting not provided 

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Kendra Tierney

The Role of Social Media in Motherhood 

-Balancing work, social, and family life

-My phone is not my friend: How to keep personal 1 on 1 friendships when you're stuck inside and why it's important

-Making Mama happy, making hubby happy

-Me time: how to make the most out of it

-The psychologu of pretty: how feeling good affects your mood and those around you

-Organic? Paleo? or Popperidge Farm? What's really important? The proper care and feeding of the family

Melissa Brday

If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy  

Blythe Fike, Motherhood Explained

-Understanding the role of wife and mother in a complex modern world.

-Choosing him first. Married love, a free choice, what it entails. 

-You loved him first. How to get better at dating your spouse. 

-I am done with mommy guilt. How tossing out the rules made our home a happier place

Julia Boles

Great Expectations

-How to be demanding, practical advice on instilling virtues and the child's personal piety

-Importance of having high standards

-Family Dinner and Family Rosary


-Homeschool vs traditional school: A personal choice

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11:00 - Talk 2

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2:00 - Talk 4
3:00 - Questions and discussion
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