3rd Saturdays of October, November, February and March 1:15—3:15 p.m.


Classes will be held at the home of Ms. Carol Torio: 319 N Mansfield Los Angeles, CA 90036


For more information, call:

Karla Smith 832-577-6219


In conjunction with Aster Study Center’s Stepping Up 162 N. Orange Dr Los Angeles, CA 90036 www.asterstudycenter.org 323-424-4426


October 19, 2019 Raising Children in Freedom and Responsibility:

The Happy Medium between Helicopter and Free-Range Parenting SPEAKER: Julia Boles. Mrs. Boles has a background in politics, but her biggest accomplishment is successfully raising 9 children together with her husband, Martin.


November 16, 2019 Struggling with Feelings and Emotions: Understanding the Human Person

SPEAKER: Dr. Sonsoles de Lacalle. Neuroscientist and University Educator


February 15, 2020 Forgiveness Education Begins at Home:

SPEAKER: Rosemary Kite. Founder of Forgive4Peace, a nonprofit promoting forgiveness education at home, at school and at work for the sake of world peace.


March 21, 2020 Theology of Home:

Finding the Eternal in the Everyday

SPEAKER: Noelle Mering. Wife and mother of 6 children, Mrs. Mering is a co-author of the book: Theology of Home. She writes frequently on culture, politics and religion nationally.