Winter/Spring 2016

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Dear Friends,

We hope this newsletter finds you basking in the warm California winter or pulling on your nifty never-before-used rain boots for this year's El Niño. But just before you go pool-side or puddle jumping, we'd

like to tell you a little bit about what we are doing this spring to improve the lives of women. This semester we are focusing on marriage, particularly by helping women learn the skills necessary to improve their own marriages, and also providing tools to explain the importance of marriage to a

confused culture.

CanaVox: A Women's Reading

Group on Marriage

CanaVox is a marriage movement founded and led by mothers. At Walnut Grove, we are forming reading groups to study and discuss the importance of marriage. While other movements offer reasons based on religion, we provide readings from natural law, practical wisdom and science so that each woman can speak effectively and lovingly about why marriage should be between one man and one woman. With each other's support, we can revive our marriage culture one person at a time. CanaVox carefully selects quality readings from around the web so as to encourage high-level discussions where participants learn and talk about academic research and read inspiring stories about the masterpiece that is one man and one woman marriage.

This semester we are reading and discussing the following topics: The Magnificence of Marriage, Friendship in Marriage, Divorce, Marital Love, Communication in Marriage. If you are interested in

attending, please see below for dates and times, and email your RSVP to

InstaMommy: A Workshop on Modern Mothering

Please SAVE THE DATE for our fall workshop: Saturday, September 17th from 8:30 A.M. - 3:30 PM

This workshop will cover topics related to love, marriage, parenting, care and education of children, home management and the role of social media in motherhood. Our speakers will be mothers and bloggers, Kendra Tierney of and Blythe Fike of It is sure to be an enriching event, and we look forward to seeing you there! Space is limited to the

first 60 applicants. The application will be available sometime in March at

Financials: State of the Grove 2015

Here is a brief summary of our financials for 2015. As always, every contribution counts and we appreciate all you have done to support Walnut Grove. With your help, we are able to touch the life of each woman who steps through our doors.Thanks for helping to keep them open.

At Walnut Grove we aim high in all we do. In 2015, we exceeded our goals in both revenues and expenses!


1. Friends of Walnut Grove contributions up by 25%

2. Cooperator contribution down 30%, and corporate donations down 34%

3. Residence revenues up 20%

4. Women's Workshops and High School activities revenues up 96%

5. Book sales revenues down 27%, garage sale revenues down 41%


1. Housekeeping supplies up by 1,394% from $33 to almost $500

2. Maintenance & repairs up 125%

In 2016, Walnut Grove will need repairs and updates to the exterior. If anyone is interested in helping to fund this project, please contact Lauren Ellis at

Warm regards, Lauren Ellis

Family Enrichment News

Preparing for the World of Adolescence Conference

Saturday, March 19, 2016 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cerritos Library Auditorium 18025 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703

Featuring: Pam Stenzel, Pat Fagan, Cristina Napolitano, and Elena Heil

Fee: Couples $35, Single $25 Childcare available. To register online

Adolescent Course for parents of 13 -16 years old.

A 16-session course beginning Sept 10 through April 2nd.

Available at two locations: Orange County Area and Los Angeles County Area.

Course fee: $295 per couple. For more information visit:

New trees were planted in Walnut Grove’s backyard on February 16th. A Cooperator with self-

proclaimed “green fingers” noticed that it was looking bare after two trees had been uprooted due to the drought.Donating many of her own trees and flowering plants, Isabel Escudero rolled up her sleeves and planted them herself. Among them are: Lemon,Lychee, Apricot, Kumquat, Geraniums, Hibiscus and Angel’s Trumpet.We are eagerly awaiting Spring to see the fruits of her labor!

Family Enrichment Website:

Opus Dei News

“The Tweetable Saint” the following are excepts from an article published by “Real Clear Religion”

I have a confession to make: I once poked fun at a saint.

Back in my graduate school days, as a layman, I worked as a residence counselor in an Irish university setting. Then most Irish universities provided precious few housing opportunities, but some

religious organizations operated hostels for students. I found a spot at Nullamore, a beautiful old Guinness family estate in the Dartry section of Dublin. The hostel was run by a group called Opus Dei about which I knew nothing at the time. My time there was enjoyable, and I found members filled with good will and convicted faith.

Escriva's writings included the popular works The Way, The Furrow, and Christ Is Passing By. They are filled with short, pithy invocations, injunctions, and interjections designed to stimulate thought, prayer, and reflection. In my youthful "wisdom," however, I thought they were trite and too

unsophisticated for a college graduate like myself. How could all these economists, government officials, academics, business executives, bankers, physicians and researchers take it so seriously, I wondered! My own sensibilities were formed at Saint Anselm under Benedictine influence. The sober, restrained approach to Catholic life--intense, not showy--appealed to me. If a monk wanted to read, he turned to the Fathers of the Church, major theologians, papal or conciliar teachings, the saints, or, always, Sacred Scripture. Two or three-line maxims from Msgr. Escriva? Come on! Yet the saint kept showing up.

Back in the U.S., within weeks of my return, some of my buds from St. A's decided to get together in Boston. I made the three-hour trek from North Adams east, and arriving at the apartment of one of

the guys, I asked if I could change and clean up before we headed out. No problem, said he, use my

room and the bathroom next to it. Neatly tucked into the bedroom's dresser, on the mirror, who should be looking at me? Yup, St. Josemaria!

Time passed and several decades later, I myself was a Benedictine monk at Saint Anselm. Msgr. Escriva had been canonized in 2002 as a real, honest-to-goodness saint and technology arrived in

the age of Twitter. Tweets are those 140-character messages, all short and pithy, that politicians,

celebrities and even institutions put out sometimes on a daily basis. Our college uses it, the parish secretary uses it, and most of my students use it.

Oh, and who else? Pope Francis, as @Pontifex!

All this left me somewhat conflicted. I certainly realized I had undervalued Escriva, missed the mark

on Benedictine spirituality, and underappreciated the impact on evangelizing of very short thoughts

expressed in maxims.

St. Josemaria's book The Way recently appeared in my sacristy. How it got there is anybody's guess, but apparently St. Josemaria is everywhere. I leafed through it, and I happened upon a maxim that declared how fortunate we are to be working to build up the Kingdom of God rather than some earthly kingdom. And then it struck me! Thank you, St. Josemaria! The saint's use of nuggets-- tweets?-- of the gospel suits today's short attention spans well.

Christ, the source of all that is good, holy, noble, beautiful, true, free, life-giving and fulfilling in our world, reminds us that our real home is on high.

Rev. Jerome Joseph Day, O.S.B. is pastor of Saint Raphael the Archangel Parish in Manchester, NH and an assistant professor at Saint Anselm College.

Link to entire article at Real Clear Religion.

Calendar Summary:


Seminar Faith and Reason: Meets every first Saturday of the month

Ten Commandments: 10am-12:30pm

Theology Seminar~ The Apostles Creed 12:30-1:30pm

Evenings of Recollection for Women at Walnut Grove Meets every 4th Mondays at 6:15 to 9 pm

Days of Recollection for Women at Walnut Grove Meets every 4th Tuesdays at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

2016 Women’s Retreats

May 27-29 Thomas Aquinas College

June 10-12 Thomas Aquinas College

Nov 18-20 Holiday Inn, La Mirada

Dec 2-4 Hilton, Las Vegas

To reserve, email Marta Torres

CanaVox for women A Reading Group discussing the defense of marriage.

Please join us at the upcoming sessions 7:00 - 8:00 pm:

Friday, Feb 26 (Friendship & Marriage)

Friday, Mar 25 (Divorce)

Friday, Apr 22 (Marital Love)

Friday, May 27 (Communication in Marriage)

InstaMommy - A Workshop on Modern Motherhood Save the Date: Saturday, Sept 17th from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at Walnut Grove Cultural Center. Register Here.

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