Winter 2018

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From the president


Ninety years ago, on Oct 2, 1928, St. Josemaria Escriva, then a young priest, with nothing but his youth and good hu­mor, responded to God’s call to found Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature in the Catholic Church. His message of finding holi­ness in fulfilling ordinary duties of daily life with joy and love has provid­ed profound meaning and grandeur to many lives of men and women, young or old, of various personal circumstances.

Let this month of Octo­ber, a month dedicated to the Holy Rosary, and the coming months as well, be days of continuous ex­pression of gratitude for the abundant graces the good Lord has bestowed on the Prelature and the many members, cooper­ators, and friends who have heeded the call for sanctity in ordinary life and are helping others see the same light.

May St. Josemaria’s message come more alive amidst the confusion surrounding us. In The Way #301, he wrote. “A secret, an open secret: these world crises are cri­ses of saints. God wants a handful of men of his own in every human activity. And then…pax Christi in regno Christi – the peace of Christ in the kingdom of Christ.”

Watch out – coming soon, our next workshop, “From Resentment to Forgiveness – A Pathway to Peace”! For details on WGCC’s activities, check out our website, www.

Happy Feastday!

Cynthia Abesa

Happy Mom, Happy Home Workshop

Happy Mom, Happy Home Workshop

A room full of “eager-to-learn-from-experience” moms discovered a new PATH (Personal Approach To Home Management) that encourages them to operate their homes using the 3-T’s

Happy Mom, Happy Home! What a joy to see such a great turnout at the “Happy Mom, Happy Home” workshop on July 28th. It was the second installment in the series, A Morning for Moms. Dora Olaiz, the presenter, introduced a room full of “avid-to-learn-from-experience” moms to a new PATH (Personal Approach To Home Management) that encourages them to operate their homes using the 3-T’s (Time, Tools and Techniques). In that way, they can apply programs and personal skills in a professional manner to their most important business, their home. The goal – to have a “happy and cheerful home” and a school of virtues for all the members of the family, where they learn to grow in the virtues by participating in a spirit of service, according to each person’s age and capacities.

The presentation was filled with examples from a variety of sources, ranging from personal and fun experiences, to stories, to inspiring quotes from Confucius and St. Josemaria. There were also visual aids – photos and videos – which supported the importance of the work in the home, and the impact it has in society and in the world. During the break, the group enjoyed the atmosphere and fellowship, savoring drinks and snacks, while their children were well attended by volunteer baby-sitters and even a nurse on duty. Kudos to all who helped! Attendees left with an eagerness to implement the tips and the PATH they had learned about, with the motto, “When mom is happy, the whole family at home is happy!”

~Dora Olaiz

Cooking classes for moms

Upcoming monthly cooking classes in a Phoenix home kitchen will offer new dinner recipes and techniques, ways to share a family meal,and get some mom social time in the bargain!

Things are Cookin’ in Phoenix, Arizona and we’re not talking about the temperature!

For the fifth year in a row, the women of greater Phoenix will be offered an invitation to come together for monthly cooking classes. Over the past five years, they have met in the mornings in their homes to learn new techniques and recipes that expand the variety of possible new dinner menus to offer their families. The mornings also provide them with an opportunity to network and to share ideas about managing the work in the kitchen.

Since families spend so much time together in the kitchen, during the mornings, attendees discuss how to encourage all the members of their families, young and old, to work together in a spirit of cheerful cooperation. Instinctively, women know that to accomplish this, we must plan ahead and decide which kitchen tasks to delegate to others, developing a peaceful routine around mealtimes, so that all learn to serve. Also, since the woman of the home usually takes the lead in creating this environment, a specific virtue is highlighted during each class that attendees can focus on developing that month in their homes.

After the demonstration and creation of the meal, they move on to liveliest part of the morning – a luncheon is served, and the demonstrated meal is shared and enjoyed by all!

~ Claire Vitellaro

Forty Years of California Dreamin’

Diana Wilkiemeyer and Rosemary Kite recount Opus Dei’s beginnings during a 40th Anniversary celebration in July at Trumbull Manor in Novato, California.

California, Here We Come – Forty Years Later

Believe it or not, it has been a whopping forty years since the first women’s center of Opus Dei opened in California. Two of the first to arrive, Diana Wilkiemeyer and Rosemary Kite, were on hand to recount Opus Dei’s beginnings during a 40th Anniversary celebration on July 21, 2018 in Trumbull Manor, the Conference Center in Novato, California.

Diana and Rosemary reminisced about the tremendous “pre-history” of the Work in California done by Cion Nepomuceno, a most faithful Supernumerary, working with countless friends and cooperators to bring the message that sanctifying one’s ordinary life in the middle of the world is, in fact, possible. Together they had started numerous clubs for girls and semi-annual retreats for women years before there was any Opus Dei Center west of Chicago.

In addition to telling of a nearly penniless beginning, Diana and Rosemary spoke of the incredible generosity and welcoming spirit they found upon their arrival: a car on loan, a cleaned, furnished two-bedroom apartment to get them started, a housewarming party providing for the first material needs of that first Center! The very first Mass celebrated at Chestnut Center in San Francisco was on August 15, 1978, in the chapel that so many families had helped to furnish and supply with the best possible items for divine worship, thanks to countless personal sacrifices.

And then all the dreams turning into reality: Growth from San Francisco to Marin County, the East Bay, Silicon Valley. Apostolic work with families, college women, young girls all throughout Northern California, followed by the expansion to Southern California fewer than ten years later, with our first university residence hall, Westfield Residence. And now, Beverly Center and Aster in Los Angeles, as well.

A BIG, BIG thank you is due to all our cooperators and friends from far and wide who have been an essential part of this family history… and an expansion that won’t ever stop. Thanks to the work, prayer and selfless spirit of so many, Opus Dei’s message of sanctification through ordinary life is reaching north to Washington and Oregon, northeast to Nevada, south to Orange County and San Diego, and southeast to Arizona. And the beat goes on…

From the Prelate

In a letter marking Opus Dei’s 90th anniversary, the Prelate commented, “For a human life, ninety years is a lot; but for the Work it is certainly very few. We are still at the beginning. May this serve as a reminder for us of the gift we have received and of the beautiful mission Christ has placed in our hands.”

~ Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, Prelate of Opus Dei

You can find the Prelate’s letter in its entirety at

Check Out

The latest installment of the video series, Working on Trust, is available on the Opus Dei website. With the topic, “Each Child is Different,” it focuses on the necessity for parents to be flexible in how they deal with each individual child – not shoehorning the children into predetermined molds, but being open to each child’s specific needs and talents. Every video in the Working on Trust series is accompanied by discussion questions and suggested action steps, making the series a helpful parenting tool and an enlightening way to spend periodic date nights with your spouse.

You can find “Each Child is Different” at

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