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Morning for Moms
Transformative Power of Women @ Work
Mother Daughter Tea Party
4 Temperaments (A Morning for Moms)
4 Temperaments (A Morning for Moms)
Mastering the Money Game
90th Anniversary
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Mother Daughter "Ooh La La" French Tea Party

Saturday April 27, 2019

Pasadena, CA

Enjoy an afternoon with your daughter - playing games, drinking tea, and more! 

Enjoy a Talk on Fashion and wear our favorite Paris outfit!

Transformative Power of Women at Work - For Young Professional Women

April 26th - 28th, 2019

Millennial women are now the largest generation in the labor market.  There are also the challenges of finding meaning in work, pursuing a career, and raising a family. These topics are becoming increasingly important to explore and share experiences in order to change culture in positive ways.

Join us for this stimulating symposium with interactive sessions, engaging presentations, and networking with others who share the same goals.

Topics covered: Theology of Work; Work-Life Integration; The Genetics and Neuroscience Between Men and Women; Work as a Mission

Laptop & Coffee

A Morning for Moms : on forgiveness and the attainment of happiness

February 23rd, 2019

Experts say that forgiving those who have wronged us helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate. The benefits aren't just limited to the physical, either. Letting go of old grudges is known to reduce levels of depression, anxiety, and anger. People who forgive tend to have better relationships, be more optimistic, and overall, enjoy better psychological well-being.

Mom and a Child

Mastering the Rules of the Money Game 

On November 12, Walnut Grove sponsored a financial education workshop. We learned how to turn our monthly paycheck into millions of dollars!!! Well, sort of...  During the event, we heard that paying yourself first, and not losing money are two key components of growing wealth. In a

fabulous talk hosted by our own Karla Yasciano and guest speaker, Miriam Ireton, the participants gained expertise in how to use financial vehicles to make the most of what they have...and maybe even make millions!!!

Opus Dei 90th Anniversary

     On Sunday, September 30th, friends and family from all over Southern California joined in a family picnic to celebrate Opus Dei’s 90th anniversary.  This fun family event was held at Lacy Park in San Marino.  Guests were welcomed with colorful decorations (including giant golden “90” balloons!), delicious desserts, a welcoming picture of founder Saint Josemaría, and the camaraderie and cheer of a true family reunion. 

     Young and old enjoyed the convivial atmosphere beneath the Sycamore trees - catching up with old friends, meeting new faces, and trading tales of first encounters with the Work all across the globe.  Informative remarks reminded all of the variety of programs currently available for formation, as well as the exciting prospect of a future shrine to Our Lady of Fairest Love in the Los Angeles area.  A special blessing arrived towards the end in the form of a brief rain shower to cool us off in the heat!  Special thanks to Amanda Matranga, Dora Olaiz, Julia Boles, and Carol DeTesanos Pinto for coordinating this happy event.


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