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  • Walnut Grove Cultural Center

A Royal Afternoon Mother-Daughter Tea Party

Updated: May 27, 2023

Guest Blogger: Caroline Merrill

The much-anticipated annual Mother-Daughter tea was, as the Brits say, a smashing success. The weather was gorgeously warm and only the Boles’ array of beautiful garden blooms could rival the variety of florals and fascinators worn by the mothers, daughters, and grandmothers in attendance. This year’s theme, “A Royal Afternoon,” brought English sophistication and flare to the activities and dress. The littlest attendees learned proper etiquette while serving tea and made lovely pearl necklaces as gifts for Mother’s Day. The older, more stylish set answered a quiz on British trivia, and Paula Buchanan delighted us all with classical selections on the violin – that girl can play! Everyone was a winner in the children’s hat contest, and the best lady’s hat was awarded by audience choice. Most delicious of all were the abundant offerings of tea sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, cookies, and more, many of which were made by those in attendance, and all of which were absolutely scrumptious. A raffle completed the festivities, with prizes including beauty products, a crockpot, games, toys, and home goods. Thank you to Julia Boles and Dora Olaiz for such a lovely afternoon! To the many ladies who worked throughout and behind the scenes, cheers! And, Cheerio! Photo Gallery- Photographer: Josie Olaguera



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