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The Quarterly Newsletter of Walnut Grove - Summer 2024

UNIV 2024: Attendees from five continents! Most ever!

UNIV is an international conference for college women who are interested in deepening their faith and adding meaning to their life and work. The annual conference is held in Rome during Holy Week, where participants can truly see the universality of the church. This year had the largest number of attendees in UNIV history, with some coming from as far away as Nigeria, Australia, Lebanon, and Japan!

Many women come closer to the faith by participating in Holy Week services, praying in historical churches, and attending meditations given by priests who serve as chaplains for the Conference. There are also ample sightseeing opportunities in Rome throughout the week. Some notable highlights include the Wednesday Papal audience in Paul VI Auditorium and a gettogether with the Prelate of Opus Dei. In addition, participants attend the newly designed “UNIV Lab” where experts speak about the core theme of the conference, and then everything becomes interactive. This year’s theme was “The Human Factor”, with Anne Boily as the keynote speaker. Anne spoke about the ethics and uses of artificial intelligence (AI) to help the world with its current issues. Anne brought a wealth of insight from her work as the Director of Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Performance for The Forum AI Quebec, which supports business and government stakeholders in their efforts to adopt artificial intelligence in an ethical and socially responsible manner, and in the elaboration of policies.

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