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Love Talks - Balanced Life (Season 2)

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

LoveTalks is a digital series created by IFFD with the aim of providing formation on current and important issues to young single professionals, couples, parents, grandparents, educators and many more. Each digital series consists of enriching digital, international and bilingual content that can help individuals discover the beauty of family life.

About Season 2: Balanced Life Whether you are a young single professional, a newlywed or a person who has been married for decades, trying to integrate all aspects of your life (family, work, relationships, social life, free time, mental health, sports, etc...) can be difficult. After extensive research, IFFD has found the need and demand to explore this topic in depth. That is why in season 2 of our digital series LoveTalks we explore the topic of how to achieve a Balanced Life. We bring you 20 experts from all over the world that will address a series of questions around this topic in 10 - 15 minute long pre recorded videos. Talks for LoveTalks season 2 will be available on demand from the 22nd of April to the 22nd of July. During these 3 months you will be able to enjoy the content whenever you want.

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