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The Quarterly Newsletter of Walnut Grove - Lent 2024

Lenten Almsgiving - A Worthy Recipient: American Initiatives for Social Development

The three pillars of Lent are prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving. Those three pillars are how we make the observance of Lent a concrete reality in our daily lives. As you consider the beneficiaries of your family’s Lenten almsgiving, WIT invites

you to consider American Initiatives for Social Development (AISD). St. Josemaría encouraged us to undertake and support personal initiatives to assist those in need, and AISD is one such venture. 

AISD connects non-profit organizations all over the world with willing donors in the US. In various countries worldwide, AISD partners with local non-profits, run by local citizens, working in areas including education, healthcare, and food security, to foster development that is both sustainable and that respects local values. By helping these organizations fundraise in the United States, AISD expands their donor pool. AISD also provides support with strategies for growth and networking. With your generous support, AISD can continue to help those in need in several countries worldwide.

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